4. Painting the Shipping Container

So, it's been a while since the last post. A couple of things have happened in between, including painting the shipping container. But painting the shipping container was not without problems. Preparation is Key I've spent a lot of time preparing the container for painting because it was fairly well used since its manufacture in … Continue reading 4. Painting the Shipping Container

Sponsorship from Marshal Tools

I'm very excited to announce that Marshal Tools has offered to sponsor tools and equipment at a very discounted price for my Pilot Project! We thank Marshal Tools very much for their interest in our project. Please go visit them at their website Marshal Tools, or  on their Facebook page Marshal Tools. If you would like, … Continue reading Sponsorship from Marshal Tools

2. I Like Big Boxes and I Cannot Lie

After many weeks spent searching for containers, making contacts and multiple attempts at being scammed (see Container Scams) I finally came upon a couple of "big boxes" that were available. Last week I went to a depot in Durban. There were five 40ft HC containers available. This one was the best: The price was OK and … Continue reading 2. I Like Big Boxes and I Cannot Lie

1. My Big Idea – The Shipping Container Plan

Hi everyone! So what's my big idea? This is my pilot project, my first container conversion project. Have a look see how my shipping container plan has evolved. My goal is a green, eco-friendly, high quality and visually attractive build. So, after my wife got me hooked on container home conversions a couple of months … Continue reading 1. My Big Idea – The Shipping Container Plan